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Here you can learn more about all of the terms in the results table, and in the rest of the database.

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Terms And Definitions

Gross Weight: The weight of a fully loaded vehicle in tons

Vehicle Characteristics: What type of vehicle has been used (tipper, articulate, rigid)? Under what driving conditions?

LBEP: Load-based emission percentage

  • The share of carbon emissions (fuel consumption) due to the weight of the load on the vehicle, assuming that the vehicle is fully weight-laden

Fuel Consumption/Carbon Emissions: Since they are arguably proportional to each other, they have been reported jointly

Observation Type: How has the observation been obtained?

  • Direct: Measure the fuel consumption of the vehicle during different runs with different runs, under given driving conditions

  • Driving Cycle: Use an engine emissions model to compute emissions, but use a driving cycle as the speed profile

  • Fixed Speed Model: Use an engine emissions model but assume that speeds are fixed

Properties Of Results: The speeds used in the CMEM fixed speed models are chosen to model low (20 km/h), medium (50 km/h), and high (80 km/h) speeds

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