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Converting Results

This pages consists of a few different sections, all related to converting some of the different results that were listed in the results table.

Some of the different units that are shown in the first data set include CO2 kg/kml/kmgallons per milel/100 kmkg fuel/km, and g/km. These different units can make it difficult to compare the results easily, so a new table has been uploaded on this page which shows all of the results in terms of CO2 kg/km.

In addition, this page also lists all of the conversion factors that were used to convert the results on the first page into the new table here.

Finally, there is also a section where you can input your own conversion factors to see how changing the conversion factor changes the final answer. In this section, you can input your own answers and your own conversion factor, and then see how the final answer varies when compared to the already converted results in the table.

Converted Table

Conversion Factors

In this section you can see what conversion factors were used to convert the different units presented in the first table, CO2 kg/kml/kmgallons per milel/100 kmkg fuel/km, and g/km, into all C02 kg/km as the unit for the second table.

Conversion Factors:


Convert Your Own Results

In this section, you are able to create your own conversion factors and then see how it impacts your ability to convert the results.

In order to do this, you want to start out by first entering in your value for the first unit and select the unit you are starting out with. Then you want to enter in your conversion factor before pressing enter. The result in the bottom box will then be your answer in CO2 kg/km.

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